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Individual Readings

This is a chance for a client to see if the path they’re choosing is in alignment with their best and Highest good, to explore different situations and what outcomes may benefit you in this lifetime. I will never give you any information just to satisfy what you want to hear. I work in honesty and put my whole heart into giving you right solutions and right information. Spirit ALWAYS works in Love.

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Energy Healing

We all have our Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies and also beyond those, our “Etheric” bodies. The Etheric body holds space for our Aura. Our Aura is a spiritual light around each and every one of us. Our Auras over time can become weakened with negative energy, illness, or stress. This may cause an imbalance in any one or several of our Etheric bodies. There are Healers who are able to help mold these bodies back together and make the individual feel more balanced, grounded and alive! Of course it’s only thru Spirit that the healing takes place.

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Chakra Balancing

There are several hundred Chakras attached to your physical body, but there are seven main Chakras that most people tune and work on to get back in balance. Being versed and practiced to working on Chakras, Spirit and I and perhaps your Angels and High Self can work to get the tone they need also the color they need and the spin they need to reset properly. They won’t always go back to 100% right away, it may take a course of time until they’re ready. Be very aware if someone wants to open all your Chakras at once to capacity. It can feel a bit unsettling. For some it’s ok, but generally you’ll need time to adjust.

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Space Clearings

Clearing your space wherever it may be, can be very beneficial for everyone involved. There are certain energies and or entities that can come in and make you feel that something is off, or everyone’s in a bad mood, or you don’t feel well. That may be because “some thing” left behind bad juju! You can try to get the energy out yourself thru prayer, burning sage, raising your vibration or trying another type of ritual. If that isn’t working for you, you may need the assistance of an experienced person to aid in the situation. I always take great care when doing a clearing. If I am buying a new home (or renting), starting a new business or buying land I always like to go in, clear the space, and place protection and Blessings around it. I also do this with all of my doctor visits, mechanic visits etc.

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